"The difference between a house...and a HOME."

    Mauzy Construction specializes in a variety of custom features to make every home built feel personal and unique. Ornate stainless railings, custom beam work, outdoor showers, heated tile bathroom floors, landscape, and structured wiring are just a few of the specialty features offered to clients. All custom features are designed with the client’s needs in mind. Mauzy Construction uses extreme care and caution throughout every installation, and local craftsmen are used for the construction of specific items such as railings, showers, cabinetry, and fireplaces.
    For all window installations, Dupont Tyvek is custom sliced to cover the top flange of the window unit. After this process, Dupont StraightFlash or Dupont FlexWrap is applied over the rest of the flange.(dupont.com)

    We use pan style door flashing. (jamsill.com)
    skylights SKYLIGHTS:
    For skylight installation, we only use Velux skylights. (velux.com)

    We only use 5/8” CDX plywood. In order to prevent visible roof sags after several years, we do not use 1/2” plywood or OSB.
    Copper flashing where visible, mainly on fireplaces.

    Mauzy Construction recommends 50-year shingles. The cost for these shingles is slightly higher, but the labor required is the same. Thirty pound felt is always used and shingles are nailed, never stapled.
    roof vents SOFFIT AND RIDGE VENTS:
    In order to achieve proper ventilation, both soffit and ridge vents must be used. We prefer a low profile, nail over ridge vent.

    All wood construction. 3/8" AC plywood is used for soffit (rough or smooth). 3/4" or thicker material is used for fascia. No vinyl or aluminum.
    For bathroom vent fans, we use super quiet remote fans. (americanaldes.com)

    All sub-flooring is glued and nailed, using either 3/4” tongue-and-grooved sturdi-floor or 3/4” t&g AdvanTech.
    foundation insulation FOUNDATION INSULATION:
    In order for heat from the inside of the house to migrate into the crawl space, warm this space, and prevent frozen pipes, we only apply 2" rigid insulation board to block foundation (no insulation is used between the floor joists). It is also important to note that there is a ground cooling effect through the floor that takes place in the summer.(dow.com)
    Special Architectural Features - Elevators:
    Sometimes an elevator is the perfect answer to keeping a 2 story home you love. Clayton Rogers is a local architect who designed this porch enlargement and elevator addition. Visit his website to learn about a transparent elevator cab we installed, which is enclosed in a partial height wall and gate. (claytonrogersarchitect.com/)